James McArthur Cole is a photographer with a passion for world travel. Through his lens, this artist captures the profound experiences which occur along his journey. He is particularly fascinated by the architectural landscape and the people who occupy it. His own emotions also play a significant role in the art-making progress; the feelings he

by Sam White Ilie Vaduva is a Romanian-born painter who specializes in combining a baroque painting style with surreal, psychological themes and ideas.  In his upcoming show at Artspace 8, entitled “Ego vs Alter Ego”, Vaduva explores a confrontation between two entities within the same mind through dramatized encounters between chess pieces.  Artspace 8 had

by Ariel Matluck Jimmy Fishbein is a Chicago-based photographer who specializes in portraiture. He has shot for many major publications, such as TIME, Newsweek and Forbes, and photographed some of the most recognizable names in the world, from Barack Obama to Bon Jovi. Jimmy recently spoke to ARTSPACE 8 about his creative process, offering a

The Organic in Painting

Monday, 27 March 2017 by

by Sam White The use of the word “organic” to describe art seems paradoxical, as art is made by a human hand.  This contradiction can actually help to define an “organic” production of art as “non-painterly”.  This definition comes from the fact that the more one can see the hand and brushstroke of the painter

Art and Psychology

Monday, 29 August 2016 by

by Julie Napientek While art and psychology are two distinct disciplines, they have much in common, and can be used to help explain or interpret the other, as both are concerned with the power of images and their symbolic meaning, with the process of creativity, and with history. A psychoanalytic approach to art deals primarily

Artist, Jordan Scott, achieves visual enlightenment with his contemplative pieces created from used U.S. postage and a meditative application process. He offers a glimpse into his creative process and inspiration in a recent interview with ARTSPACE 8. ARTSPACE 8: AS8 Jordan Scott: JS AS8: What/who inspired you to be an artist? At what age? JS: My father was my first inspiration. He

Preparing for Solstice: A Summer Collective, ARTSPACE 8 sat down with artist Lexygius Calip whose work is featured in the exhibition that opens Friday, June 24. ARTSPACE 8: AS8 Lexygius Calip: LC AS8: What/who inspired you to be an artist? At what age? LC: My grandmother. I was her precious grandbaby boy. I can recall a vivid memory

Palimpsest shows evidence of change over time. Fidel Rodriguez uses his paintings to show a re-birth of the past, the heart, and the mind. Fidel asks the questions, “How many times did you recover? How many times did you overcome?” His process involves erasing and layering the paint multiple times until he is satisfied with

Ahead of “E LA VITA / ES LA VIDA (IT’S LIFE)”, which opens Friday, April 8, ARTSPACE 8 sat down with Italian painter, Silvio Porzionato to discuss his work and his process. Meet this artist you should know.

TimeOut Chicago names ARTSPACE 8 one of the best contemporary art galleries in Chicago!