Brigitte Wolf

Brigitte Wolf

born 1950, German
lives and works in Chicago, IL


Brigitte Wolf’s minimalist paintings have gradually evolved to privilege color and texture over explicit subjects, relying on form and design for idea and mood. Reminiscent in turns of Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne, and Jasper Johns, Brigitte’s abstract and landscape paintings are suffused by variegates in texture and shape that produce a radiant, playful spirit through her handling of oil on canvas. One finds in her work an exploration of the human form, especially in relation to dance, rhythm, and movement. Her first and enduring inspiration for her work is a treasured drawing created by her mother. Though Brigitte came into painting late, raising her family before studying at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, she has increasingly developed her skills in both sculpture and painting at The Noyes Center, Palette and Chisel, and Evanston Art Center. Her talent continues to mature as she attracts further critical attention, and her work can be found in galleries in Chicago and Europe. Brigitte was born into a large German family, traveling to England as a young woman and eventually immigrating to the U.S. She settled in Chicago where she continues to live and paint today.

Artist's Statement

Although my early training focused on a study of the Old Masters, my recent work has become more abstract.  I am exhilarated by the challenge of evoking ideas in the viewer from the forms that escape from my fingers. Just a brushstroke on a canvas gives me the freedom to do anything I envision; there are no limits other than the dimensions of the canvas itself. I enjoy exploring the canvas, plumbing its depth and dimensions to create a piece that challenges the intellect, invites curiosity, and creates pleasure.”

–Brigitte Wolf

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Scharpenberg Art Gallery, Chicago, IL
Gallery 19, Chicago, IL
Centerline Group Show, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL
15th & West Gallery, Chicago, IL
The Project Room, Chicago, IL
Hildt Galleries, Chicago, IL
Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, NV
Bluerider Art, Taipei City, Taiwan
Artexpo New York 2016, Kerstan Gallery, New York, NY
2015Roan & Black Gallery, Saugatuck, MI
Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL
Artemisia Gallery, Geneva, IL
Mirko Joerg Gallery, Dresden, Germany
2014Centerline Group Show, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL
Villa Baumgarten, Dresden, Germany
L’Agostiniana Galery, Rome, Italy
University Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2013Casavilles Art Gallery, Chicago, IL
Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts, Las Vegas, NV
The Project Room, Chicago, IL