Ilie Vaduva

Ilie Vaduva

born 1979, Romanian
lives and works in Chicago, IL


With bravura skill, Ilie Vaduva has developed and perfected his signature mixed media technique that combines transparent layers of oil colors and pen with white ink on canvas. This technique combines classic painting and etching techniques with Surrealist concepts to create visual vistas of incredible depth, where violent contrasts of chiaroscuro are achieved with astounding and detailed effect. The depth and drama of of his images are highlighted throughout with a spotlight effect, where darkness becomes a dominating feature of the image. His current series entitled, "Ego vs Alter Ego", graphically illustrates the phenomenon when we confront our own distorted image. Mythological animals and chess pieces constantly metamorphosize. They are stand-ins between the Ego and Alter Ego.

Born in Romania in 1979, Ilie started drawing and painting as a young child. He gradually evolved to study mural painting during high school, eventually enrolling to study graphic art studies at the Art University in Timisoara. Ilie has completed extensive work as a decorative and mural painter in both contemporary and traditional styles and has participated in a number of group shows in his native country. He emigrated recently to the United States in USA, currently resides and works in his studio in Chicago IL.

Artist's Statement

“I have a broad range of experiences with different media. I found certain ones more exciting then others. But there was a leitmotif: creat[ing] a well rounded artwork. I combined different techniques to obtain the most shades, textures and a dramatic contrast. A non-conventional touch of classicism in a surrealist environment, that is how I would describe my artwork."

–Ilie Vaduva


2015ArtAscent Magazine, Canada

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015Ann Lloyd Gallery, Decatur, IL

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016Gallery 212, Miami, FL
2015Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art Basel (with Gallery 212), Miami, FL
1999Pro Arte Gallery, Lugoj, Romania
1998Pro Arte Gallery, Lugoj, Romania
1997Pro Arte Gallery, Lugoj, Romania