Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott

lives and works in Chicago, IL


Mixed-media artist Jordan Scott often uses materials outside of their normal context, combining elements of appropriation and repetition, patterns and traditions, to reflect on worlds within worlds. Jordan’s use of geometric and minimalist aesthetics are employed through vintage U.S. postage stamps painstakingly put together using thousands of individual stamps to form abstract landscapes and color fields. His postage stamp collages evoke traditional folk motifs that resonate as textile material and meticulously woven fabric where poetic associations of the individual and the collective are created. Closer examination of his collages reveal variations and imperfections of thousands of stamps set in glass-like resin, that keep the pixilated components assembled, defined and clarified. Interconnectedness is a repeating theme in Jordan’s award-winning work, and his current series is inspired by the Jungian theory of the collective unconscious. Jordan attributes much of his artistic inspiration to his Religious Studies/Philosophy degree from Indiana University, and many years of martial arts training and teaching. He is a 5th-degree black belt in Shotokan karate, a 5-time member of the United States National Team, and an international medalist. Jordan translates the discipline of karate into his art: both require extreme focus on an inward state of mind through repetitive external activity. His works have been exhibited at the Museo Inernazionale Italia Arte (Turin, Italy), Judy Saslow Gallery (Chicago, IL), Loyola University (Chicago, IL), and University of Wisconsin (Kenosha, WI). Jordan was awarded “Best of Show” at Beverly Art Center’s 30th Annual Exhibition (Chicago, IL).

Artist's Statement

“Previously used and canceled stamps by their very nature are both beautiful and evocative. Where did they originate? Who sent them? What letters did they carry? Each small stamp represents an unknown story of its own and points to a larger life context to which they were once connected. As a mixed media artist, [I] work with a limited and repeating set of elements that are either identical or very similar in nature, but have slight variations and/or imperfections. This limited and repeating set of elements allows, to some extent, a certain freedom from thinking about the materials. These materials usually can be accumulated and assembled in large numbers. The resin, like liquid glass, forms and holds the elements together, creating the interconnectedness that has become a repeating theme in [my] work. A childhood trip to a press proofing for a print advertisement is where these ideas originate, and [I] remember looking into the glass loop and seeing the tiny individual dots that made up the solid colors. As a young boy, I was fascinated observing ant colonies around my house. Most recently, I am influenced
by Carl Jung and his ideas of the collective unconsciousness.”

–Jordan Scott

Selected Collections

Kiser Group, Chicago, IL
Neiman Marcus, Chicago, IL
Magellan Development Group, Ltd, Chicago, IL
Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc, Chicago, IL
Morgante Wilson Architects, LTD, Evanston, IL
North Shore Life Skills Center, Winnetka, IL
CBS, Channel 15, Phoenix, AZ
Art Source Inc, Phoenix, AZ
Quinta de Covela, Baiao, Portugal

Selected Exhibitions

2016After Tomorrow: Daring to Dream Again, Museo Inernazionale Italia Arte, Turin, Italy
Words, Numbers and Symbols, The Art Center of Highland Park, Highland Park, IL
2015Mixed Media, Roan & Black Contemporary Gallery, Saugatuck, MI
Undiscovered Species, Sidetracked Gallery, Evanston, IL
Push, Wright Gallery, Northport, MI
Obsession, Christopher Art Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL
New Work, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL
2014Structures from Silence - Solo Show, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art Is Good, Wright Art Gallery, Northport, MI
Test Patterns, Cog’s Creek Gallery, Traverse City, MI
Fine Lines, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL
2013Jordan Scott-Vortex, ArtPrize Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI
Summer Rotation: 2013, Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT
Corners Series, Wright Gallery, Northport, MI
Art Comes Alive 2013, Art Design Consultant, Cincinnati, OH
New and Selected Work, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL
Evocative, Christopher Art Gallery, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL
201236th Annual Exhibition, Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL
New Work, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago Heights, IL
Jordan Scott-Solo Show, Inman Square Gallery, Cambridge, MA
2011Art Chicago, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL
2010Magical Thinking, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL
2008Loyola University, Crown Center Art Gallery, Chicago,

Contemporary 3, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007Jordan Scott - New Work,, Tucker Gallery, Evanston,

ArtSide of the Box, Beverly Art Center, Chicago, IL
20th Parkside National Print Exhibition, University of Wisconsin, Kenosha, WI
2006Small Works Show, Tucker Gallery, Evanston, IL
30th Annual Exhibition, Beverly Art Center, Chicago, IL
Pulped Fiction: stories on paper, Las Manos Gallery, Chicago, IL
20042004 Midwestern Exhibition, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL
200215th Parkside National Print Exhibition, University of Wisconsin, Kenosha, WI
2001Push the Envelope II, Kansas City Artists Coalition, Kansas City, MI
Jordan Scott - Space Between the Rain, Lydon Fine Art, Chicago, IL
2000Absolut VISION 5, Chicago, IL