Lexygius Calip

Lexygius Calip

born 1974, Philippines
lives and works in Chicago, IL


Working across a wide range of media, Filipino interdisciplinary artist Lexygius Calip focuses on the often unpredictable and quotidian processes involved in turning ideas into art through his mixed-media paintings and site-specific installations. Lexygius earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Technological University of the Philippines and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and artist talks in the Philippines, France, and the United States. He has received a number of honors and awards, including the Ateneo Art Award at the Museum of Modern Art in Manila, merits from the Arts Association of the Philippines, and the Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards. Lexygius was also named a Freeman Fellowship Foundation Fellow for the Vermont Studio Center and attended a residency at the Stonehouse Residency for Contemporary Art in California. He is also a member of the Shadequarter Initiative for the Arts. Lexygius currently bases his curatorial and art practice in Chicago.

Artist Statement

“I produce work that emphasize the intentional, accidental, the stable and unstable outcomes of process, and the constant progression of ideas that I come about, making my work more reactionary in nature. I focus on explorations that encourage unpredictable outcomes directed towards experimentation with materials and process that promote my personal convictions in a personal context.

My memories of childhood growing up in the Philippines play an important role in my art practice, so as my past and previous experiences that shaped who I am and what I do now. I endured discouragements, lack of resources and support; to my losses, displacement, hardships, and separations with the people I care about the most. Now, the path I am taking is defined by my pursuit for independence, resilience, self-preservation, self-realization, and change that promote the restructuring of my thought process. These provide a foundation and influence to my sensibilities, with regards to process, unconventional use of materials and approach.”
- Lexygius Calip