Ula Dzwonik

Ula Dzwonik

born 1973, Polish
lives and works in Zduńska Wola, Poland


Embracing the metaphorical quality of the Surrealists and German Expressionism, Ula Dzwonik's robust, figurative paintings scream, shriek, and laugh with grotesque humor. Equal parts mythological and quirky, Ula's paintings recall the brutish woodcuts of female German artist, Kathe Kollwitz. Ula's folkloric imagery rendered in inky purples, icy blues, and glowing reds are rich with imaginative haunting inspired by everyday life-- the stuff daydreams and nightmares are made of. Born in 1973 in Zduńska Wola, Poland, Ula studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw from 1994-1998 receiving a degree with honors in painting. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013Pretext, ZPAP Gallery, Łódz, PL
2011Correlations, Gallery M Odwach, Wroclaw, PL
Point Of View, Gallery Garbary48, Poznań, PL
2009Around Town, Gallery Under The Plafod, Wroclaw, PL
2005Petite Comptior, Reims, FR
2004Kirow Galerie, Leipzig, DE
Polish Insitute, Leipzig, DE
2002Museum of Western Kashubian, Bytow, PL
2000Galleries Saint-Quentin, Aisne, FR
1997Gallery of Modern Art, Brzeg, PL
Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Wroclaw, PL

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014Polskije Slikariy U Splitu, Galeria Bresan, Split, HR
XIII otwARTa, Piotrkowska 17, Łódz, PL
Animalis III Painting Triennial, Urban Art Gallery, Chorzów, PL
2013VI International Biennial of Pastel, Nowy Sącz, PL
Kinky Images, Gallery M, Wroclaw, PL
III Triennial of Polish Contemporary Painting Autumn Confrontations, BWA Rzeszów, PL
2012Triennial of Still Life, BWA Rzeszów, PL
V International Drawing Competition, Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw, PL
XII otwARTa , Piotrkowska 17, Łódz, PL
Art In Context , Baptist Church, Zduńska Wola, PL
24 Festival of Contemporary Painting, ZPAP Gallery, Szczecin, PL
VII International Biennial of Miniature, ZPAP Gallery, Częstochowa, PL
XI Open Exhibition, ZPAP Gallery, Łódz, PL
2011Quadroart International Biennial of Image, Museum of Textiles, Łódz, PL
Medicinalis Matter, Matter Artificialis National Painting Competition, Kraków, PL
XIII Sieradz Visual Presentations , BWA Sieradz, PL
V International Biennial Pastel, Nowy Sącz, PL
2010Polish Living, Museum of Textiles, ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw, PL
Public Space Images, Contexts, Gallery Profile, Poznań, PL
Pictures Painted By Music III, Polish Landscape Kraków, Kraków, PL
2009Meet The Changes, International Art Fair Poznań, Poznań, PL
Triennial Of Still Life, BWA Sieradz, PL
Quadroart- International Competition Of Painting, ZPAP Gallery, Łódz, PL
Images Painted By Music II, Palace Of Art, Kraków, PL
2007The Place, Glasgow, SCT
Quadroart- International Competition Of Painting , Poznański Palace, Łódz, PL
Inspiring Humanity - Edinburgh Art Festival, Contemporary Polish Art, Edinburgh, SCT
2006Triennial Of Still Life , BWA Sieradz, PL
III International Biennial of Pastels, Nowy Sącz, PL
2001X Visual Presentations, BWA Sieradz, PL
2000In der Kunst Villa Eschebach, Dresden, DE
1999Special 98, Art Gallery, Legnica, PL
Regards de Femmes, Saint Quentin, FR
Diploma 98, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Gdańsk, PL