born 1987, American
lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Inspired by graffiti giants Bansky and Keith Haring, Manhattan street artist, WhIsBe, brings an irreverent and playful edge to his art. WhIsBe's unique style combines pop art, graffiti, and contemporary American culture. His candy-colored canvases are inhabited by whimsical portraits of pop culture icons from Andy Warhol to gummy bears. After studying at New York's School of Visual Art, WhIsBe started to attract national media attention in 2011 for his "McDictator" graffiti, his malevolent take on Ronald McDonald. WhIsBe's political interventions have gained him a considerable following with features from The Huffington Post, Art Net, Wallpaper Magazine, and Guest Of A Guest. His work has attracted international acclaim and is collected worldwide. He has been commissioned by corporate, public and private entities, including Red Bull Company, Art Works Charity Foundation, and Governor's Ball Music Festival.

Selected Charities

ArtWorks Charity Foundation, Englewood, NJ
Charity Water, New York, NY

Selected Exhibitions

2015Governor's Ball Music Festival, Randall's Island, NY
Art Southampton, Keszler Gallery, Southampton, NY
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, New York, NY
Dream Hotel, New York, NY